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Looking for Eagles

Yesterday my husband saw an eagle poised on the ice of our lake here in Oklahoma, fishing in an open hole. Wow! This photo was taken in Canada at our friend’s house in summertime. There is little in life more majestic than an eagle. This is a good time to watch for them, because they congregate around open water. Even in Minnesota, some eagles stay because they find open areas of the Mississippi. Seeing an eagle makes you stop in your tracks, and watch. What else does that for you? What makes you really see the world around you today, not remembering yesterday or worrying about tomorrow, but what is in front of you today? Here there is pouring rain and gloom all around, but when the rain paused for a moment, a whole flock of robins landed in my yard, pulling up worms by the dozens. Yes, we have robins here in winter. They don’t remind me of spring. They help me love this moment of Oklahoma winter, along with the eagles, hawks, owls, great blue herons, white pelicans, chickadees, cardinals, woodpeckers, terns, and other birds that share my winter world.

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