Between Tahlequah and Tulsa – Audio Book

Now available as an audiobook, read by Cynthia Blomquist Gustavson, with music by Kent Gustavson and Dejan Ilijic of the band EYOT.

The prose in “Between Tahlequah and Tulsa” combines Cynthia Blomquist Gustavson’s time-honored flair for evoking pastoral scenery with a newfound muscular emotionality and a brave declarative voice. Unapologetically, she addresses Native American rights, spirituality, blunt political discourse, and the new frontier dream of the 1960s.

Cynthia also digs deep and courageously revisits poignant childhood memories. A stunning example of this vigorous vulnerability is halfway through the long poem that makes up this book, where she comes to grips with her father’s passing.

To order copies, please contact the publisher here.

  • $15.00

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