In-Versing Your Life: A Poetry Book for Self-Discovery and Healing

In-Versing Your Life: A Poetry Workbook for Self-Healing and Discovery. The legendary Poetry Therapy Workbook in its second edition.

“When I first began to practice individual and family therapy, I noticed many of my clients wrote poems at times when they didn’t know what else to do with their feelings. Writing enabled them to recognize what was going on in their lives, to help them understand their feelings, and finally to encourage positive action.” From the Introduction to In-Versing Your Life.

“Finally! A human services professional who knows enough about the art of poetry to write a powerful and useful book. this book will advance the field by elevating the poetic sensitivities of its users. An absolutely necessary book. Cynthia Blomquist Gustavson has created the transitional material for our libraries that I’ve been waiting for. In-Versing Your Life will be a permanent bookshelf companion. It’s a pleasure to give my support to such an important work.”

–Jennifer Bosveld, Editor of Pudding Magazine: The International Journal of Applied Poetry and author of Topics for Getting in Touch: A Poetry Therapy Sourcebook.

“The therapeutic potential of poetry is addressed through the author’s use of her own work and a series of stimulating writing exercises. This work affirms the poetic in humankind and serves as a reminder that all poetry is unfinished. It is completed each time we respond to it. Cynthia Blomquist Gustavson, integrating her artistic abilities and professional skills as a social worker, invites us to create, connect, and make difference in our own lives and those we touch.”

–Nicholas Mazza, Editor of Journal of Poetry Therapy.

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