I just had lunch in a small WI town and had the MOST wonderful rhubarb custard merengue pie in the world!

Billy Collins

GENIUS by Billy Collins was what they called you in high school if you tripped on a shoelace in the hall and all your books went flying. Or if you walked into an open locker door, you would be known as Einstein, who imagined riding a streetcar into infinity. Later, genius became someone who could take a sliver of chalk and square pi a hundred places out beyond the decimal point, or a man painting on his back on a scaffold, or drawing a waterwheel in a margin, or spinning out a little night music. But earlier this week on a wooded path, I thought the swans afloat on the reservoir were the true geniuses, the ones who had figured out how to fly, how to be both beautiful and brutal, and how to mate for life. Twenty-four geniuses in all, for I numbered them as Yeats had done, deployed upon the calm, crystalline surface— forty-eight if we count their white reflections, or an even fifty if you want to throw in me and the dog running up ahead, who were at least smart enough to be out that morning—she sniffing the ground, me with my head up in the bright morning air. - - -from Aimless Love. © Random House, 2013.

This is so beautiful. Enjoy!

Driving home from Dallas today was gorgeous passing along ditches of Bluebonnets, Indian paintbrush, and golden coreopsis!

Happy Earth Day! Who has seen the wind? Neither you nor I, but when the leaves bow down their heads, the wind is passing by. Who has seen the wind? Neither I nor you, but when the leaves hang trembling, the wind is passing through. (Christina G. Rosetti)

Check Out Your Daily Heart

Check Out Your Daily Heart

Speaking your mind without feeling guilty is a craft you still need to learn. If you feel your efforts aren’t appreciated as much as they should, you must think about changing your job. You might encounter some short term health problems in the coming months. You will experience some financial up and down.


I have a new piece up on The Huffington Post--thoughts on our recent journey to Viet Nam. Please give it a read--and a Comment. I'm interested in how you see that war, all these years later.

My Facebook friend Ann Medlock wrote this for The Huffington Post. Definitely worth a read!

On my way home from Chicago and the most productive Church Council ever. Said goodbye to some great friends who are going off the council. Will sleep well on plane!

Women On 20s

Women On 20s aims to compel historic change by convincing President Obama that NOW is the time to put a woman's face on our paper currency. But who should it be? We believe that's for you, the public, to decide from a slate of inspiring American women heroes.

Jesus’ radical politics - The Boston Globe

A more careful look at the Gospels might offer a much less sentimental, much more startling picture of the original Easter message, which was decidedly not, “Jesus is alive, and here’s what that means for the next world.” Rather, the true lesson was: “Jesus is alive, and here’s what that means for t…

Wonderful Opinion piece from the Boston Globe

Lutheran World Relief Receives $350,000 from Starbucks Foundation | LWR’s Blog

We are proud to announce that we have received a Starbucks Foundation grant of $350,000 toward a two-year project that contributes to the protection of the local ecosystem, provides sustainable livelihoods, and fosters community in Colombia: Pro-Café: Protecting Ecosystem Services for Sustainable Co…

I'm proud of Lutheran World Relief. They do great and compassionate work.

Ten Things We Wish Were April Fools' Jokes

We thought instead of coming up with our own April Fools' joke, there were plenty of real-life events in the energy and political arenas that are so absurd that they should be April Fools’ jokes, but alas, they are not.

The best April fool jokes are real, or should I say, the scariest ones are real, and from Oklahoma!!!


Thank you, Indiana-Kentucky Synod, ELCA Bishop Gafkjen, for your witness and work for justice in response to Indiana's "right to discriminate" RFRA law! “What is religious freedom? Is it free range to do whatever we want, regardless of the possible negative consequences for others? Is religious freedom the “right” to use our business enterprises as shields from people and circumstances that we think might taint our own moral purity? Is religious freedom the unmitigated permission to impose our own moral codes on others and to keep them at a distance so our own moral purity won’t be compromised? Not according to the Christian scriptures, the very scriptures invoked by some supporters of the misguided and so-called religious freedom legislation.” Read more of Bishop Gafken's letter at